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Illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamelin

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We are constantly told to do certain things because it is the right thing to do. One quick example is reducing your carbon footprint. You know, the less you use, the better off the Earth will be. If you could make your carbon footprint the size of a mouse’s footprint, that will go a long way to save the Earth for future generations. Funny thing, those who tell us to make a miniscule footprint, do not practice what they preach. Take a look at Al Gore. His carbon footprint is the size of a large elephant with all those mansions and fancy jets that he owns.

Um, that doesn’t feel so good.

We are also told to help the poor, especially in Africa. We are browbeaten into giving to certain groups without batting an eye because it is the right thing to do.  One such aid organization is U2’s Bono‘s “One”. Bono is always lecturing us about the right thing to do. Does he practice what he preaches? Lets look to One’s expenditure of donated funds. Well, surprise, surprise, it turns out his organization spends about 1% of the donations on charitable endeavours.

Do you still feel good or kinda had? A donation to George Costanza‘s “Human Fund” would have about as much effect on helping solve human suffering.

Although being good stewards of the Earth or giving to help end others suffering are noble objectives, one needs to investigate before one blindly follows the latest pied piper. Is what I am doing actually helping out a serious problem or am I simply lining someone’s pockets?

The next time an egomaniac tells you how to live or what to do with your money, investigate and see if that person practices what is being preached. Otherwise, the only one feeling good at the end of the day will be the charlatan that conned you into believing you did something good.

  1. Hear Hear!

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  2. hi!This was a really marvelous Topics!
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    • Grazie! I post two to three times a week. If you come back and do not see something new, there is plenty in the archives or my published articles to explore. Keep enjoying.


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