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When Loons Strike………..

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It is not because the right-wing pushed them over the edge. It is because they are nuts, simple as that.

The bodies are still warm in the slaughter out in Arizona where Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords was attacked and in the mayhem, six others lost their lives in a barrage of bullets. Since the shooter is a young white male, it has been assumed that he was inspired by talk radio and conservative television stations to commit his acts. All this, without a shred of evidence to support the accusations. 

The worse offender and someone who should know better is the local sheriff, Clarence Dupnik. In his press conferences, Sheriff Dupnik has been alleging that the political climate of vitriol and bigotry has made attacks like this one possible and we need to tone down our discourse of more events like this will happen.

What facts does the Sheriff have to back up his accusations? Well, actually, none. In his briefings, he has stated that the motive was unknown and that the suspect has not spoken to police. So we are left scratching our collective heads how the good Sheriff is connecting the dots, I guess a leap of faith; but a law enforcement official, especially one as high-ranking as Sheriff Dupnik, should know better. His job is to find the facts and report them. Nothing more. If he wants to speculate about causes, he should go into the blogging business where his suppositions will not do any harm. Here his beliefs are doing nothing but inflaming the situation.

So without any facts to support his allegations, the Sheriff smears people on talk radio and conservative television stations. Talk about bigotry.   

Now lets look at some of the congresswoman’s positions. She is pro secure the border and pro Second Amendment. Not someone really high on the right wing’s hit list.

 So why did Jared do it? Because he is nuts. People like him, anything can set them off. Smile at him or forget to return his phone call and he may take offense. The point is the psychosis in his head is what sets him off and not what we do around him. Look at David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer in NYC in the 1970’s. His neighbor’s dog was ordering him to act through his barks. Should we now blame the dog owner for allowing his dog to bark? Of course not, as that would be absurd. Blaming our political discourse for this heinous act is just as absurd. 

Why are people like Sheriff Dupnik and others from the left blaming this attack on people from the right without a shred of evidence? Because they want you to shut up so they can dominate the political landscape.

Simple as that.

This video pretty much somes up the unhinged left on this shooting. Facts, we need no facts to blame the right:

  1. He may have jumped the gun, but when you see things like this:

    …it really makes you wonder.


    • And if the Congresswoman was shot for saying hello to that loon, would that also make you wonder?

      Any evidence that Jared the loon saw that ad for upcoming events? He and he alone is responsible for his acts, no one else.


  2. “Because they want you to shut up so they can dominate the political landscape.”

    No, really? And I thought he was just exercising his right to play his ‘instrument’ without looking at the music. Ah, well… 😉


  3. I guess the problem is that you expect people who completely reject the idea of personal responsibility to accept that the gunman alone bears personal responsibility for what he did.

    I think that the only other people in this with blood on their hands are Jared’s parents. They absolutely knew that he was spinning out of control and did nothing to prevent this tragedy.


    • My only defense of the parents is that they refused to believe that their son could be so evil and that colored their judgment and as they did not feel he was extremely dangerous, they did not take any interventive action.


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