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Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parent...

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In the recently concluded budget battle, Democrats went to the mat to save funding for Planned Parenthood claiming that Republicans who wished to defund the organization wanted to kill woman, as Planned Parenthood provides woman vital services that they cannot get anywhere else. Without federal largesse, needy woman would go without mammograms, pap smears and other basic services, leading to higher death rates.

When a woman is going to Planned Parenthood, one automatically thinks that they are going for the above listed services, right? Couldn’t be for what they are known for, abortions, no?

A recent sting conducted by private undercovers revealed that one could not get a mammogram at local Planned Parenthood centers; yet we are told that if funding is curtailed, woman will die for lack of access to this vital service. Something’s amiss. Could it be that federal funding is essentially being used to pay for abortions under guise of paying for needed medical screening procedures for woman? Would our politicians be so cynical to try such a ploy?

To say, Planned Parenthood provides services other than abortions is a canard. Planned Parenthood does so many abortions in a year that it conducts enough abortions to depopulate the city of Cincinnati within a year (over 332,000 abortions, every year). And remember, this is what the Democrats went to the mat over in the budget battle. The wanton destruction of unwanted children.

What is so rich about the lie that Republicans want to kill woman is the irony in it. Democrats support funding an organization whose primary goal is to kill unborn children. Did they stop to think how many of those aborted children were female? 

Yet, we are told to believe that it is the Republicans who want to kill woman.


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