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The Green Economy Canard

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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President Obama was recently in North Carolina to plug his green economy initiative, you know the wind and the sun shall set us free from the chains of the fossil based economy. He is touting this as a way to spring our economy out of its doldrums with the promise of a cleaner Earth.

Although we should be good stewards of this planet, to say our fossil based economy is destroying this world is a stretch and the alternative fuel systems of the sun and such have been pushed on us for decades with little to show for our investments. Remember, Jimmy Carter, he loved the sun and the wind, too. You think by now it would have yielded results. But, no, it is more of the same, money, money and more money – we are almost there to a break through, just give us a little more time.

Our economy is in shambles and we need to grow ourselves out of this problem. We have tried and true sources of energy that can help us do it – coal, natural gas and oil. So what do we do? We refrain from exploiting these sources and plow all our money into technologies that have not returned a dime on investment in nearly forty years. Remove the subsidies and the alternative fuel conglomerate goes belly up. You know, there is a good place to start in ending crony capitalism and that is the green energy sector, the present day carpet baggers.

We have subsidized the green energy sector for way too long. We are shovelling our hard-earned money down a bottomless pit. It is time to stop it. There is an easier way to create jobs and develop a sustainable energy source and that is:

Drill, baby, drill!


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