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PSU Internal Investigation out of Focus

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Let's Talk Penn State

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In the wake of the JoePa, I mean Jerry Sandusky, sex abuse scandal, Penn State has launched a full internal review to determine what went wrong and correct the institutional failures so such an event never occurs again.

Multiple outside agencies from the federal government down to the NCAA and the Big Ten have demanded action and accountability. Former FBI director Louis Freeh has been brought in to head the investigation. Make no mistake, wrongs will be found and corrective action will be taken. But, will they be the right ones?

PSU in statements and actions by their new leaders seem to be pointing that the scandal sprung from the concern about the football program and the cash cow it was; bringing in money for the school and putting it above all else. Joe was the head and he had to go; and to keep this from happening again, the school can never let such a cult of personality develop – where one person becomes more important than all else. In this regards, the school has slowly but surely been distancing itself from Joe. His image will no longer adorn PSU products. Family members such as his wife Sue are given a hard time and made to feel uncomfortable about using school facilities, even though Joe is still a tenured professor at Penn State. At this pace, when all is said and done, JoePa will be wiped clean from the school’s collective memory.

All this begs the question, was there a cover-up to protect the football program? 

IMHO, there may have been a cover-up but it was not to protect the football program, it was to protect the relationship between Penn State and the Second Mile.  All this chatter about the football program is just a misdirection, to mislead us as to the causes so the University can point it finger at those already dismissed and need not remove any one else from their positions.

By 2002, Jerry Sandusky was long gone from the football program. However, the connections between Penn State and the Second Mile were still in place and those in power belonged to both entities. As stated in previous posts, Penn State was Second Mile and Second Mile was Penn State. They were mirror images of each other. And those in power had financial interests in both entities, gaining positions of power to line their pockets financially and otherwise. Their own financial gains from the Second Mile dwarfed anything that the football program brought in.  Look at the Second Mile building project out by the University Park airport and the financial gains that those involved stood to collect. So if there was a cover-up, it was to protect the real cash cow – the Second Mile and not the football program.

The narrative has already been written by the press and Penn State is just following it so as to not ruffle any more feathers. Put the blame on Joe and his beloved program, clean house in the football program and move on so others still employed in positions of power with Penn State can retain their spots without a worry in the world to be called to account for their conduct in this sorry affair.

Good article on the Second Mile and its entanglement in the scandal:  http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Former-2nd-Mile-board-members-We-needed-to-know-2411564.php#page-1


  1. I agree that Joe is a convenient scapegoat.
    I think McQueary’s testimony shows that Joe, even knowing the potential problems it could cause his program, and the Second Mile, did the right thing. He reported McQueary’s “fondling” allegation to Curley, knowing that the 1998 charges of “fondling” by Sandusky had been dropped by the DA.
    What hasn’t come out is that Joe forced Sandusky to retire after the 1998 child abuse charges were dropped. Sandusky’s abrupt retirement surprised everyone. Friends who were at his retirement banquet in 1999 said that Joe never said a word at the dinner for his presumed-heir apparent, and defensive guru of “Linebacker U.” Strange. Now they know why.
    Joe will be exonerated in time. But, unfortunately, it will probably come too late.


  2. I am wondering whether the unfolding Penn State scandal, will later show that the Sandusky child molestations, as horrible and explosive as they are, will prove to have been simply the fuse on a far larger bomb. The Sandusky mess has blown open a crack in the university facade allowing a glimmer of sunlight and long overdue scrutiny.

    I wonder about this as a RICO case. The players and entities are co-mingled. Penn State Is Second Mile Is Penn Sate Is Village at Penn State … Big players. Big money. Overlapping boards. Overlapping investors. The Enterprise would be the entities — Penn State/ Village at Penn State/The Second Mile — the Subject would be the good old boy players and the federal Predicate Acts could be the Clery violations and something as simple as mail fraud — As in using the US mail for fund-raising without mentioning “Oh and by the way, we just wanted to let you know that we suspect we have been harboring a child sexual predator.’

    The 2002 timing for McQueary to have reported seeing Sandusky sexually molesting a child in the shower was unfortunate for the shakers and movers. Obviously, the football program IS Penn State — the cash cow driving donor monies and other investments. The Village at Penn State (Spanier, Paterno, Poole, Schreyer, Schultz, Dean Susan Welch, Erickson) — had just secured risky financing. Additionally, The Grand Destiny Campaign was in full swing (later netting 1.371 billion dollars) Big Bucks. Not exactly the time to want to report suspected sexual molestation of children.

    Penn State has long been seen to hide safely behind its shroud of secrecy. Small wonder that current replacements come from within. (Bleed white and blue and we’ll hire you.) Perhaps the federal investigation by the Department of Education will also examine a pattern of sexual harassment, racial bias, illegal firings bought off and shut up by settlement at any cost.

    Promised transparency is a joke.To imagine the Board of Trustees was caught unawares is silly. To believe an internal investigation by the Trustees will be anything other than a farce is naive. A thorough housecleaning is in order. Otherwise, it remains simply business as usual.


    • Small town politics and big money are a toxic brew. When everything is connected, no one is in a position to speak up. And when everyone zips their lips, predators are free to roam.


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