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You Can Thank the Useful Idiot

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2012 at 7:59 pm

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President Obama has taken to bludgeoning religious organizations over their beliefs by using mandates through Obamcare. And this is only the start as he will use the federal healthcare law to beat down other institutions and slowly chip away at our autonomy until we all must bow down before the state. Once, the government can control healthcare, it can control other areas of our lives as “Uncle Sam” knows best. We can thank the Democrats in general for bestowing this monstrosity upon us but a certain Democrat can be singled out for extra praise.

When Obamacare was being debated in Congress, its passage was far from certain. A group of pro-life Democrats were holding it up. They were led by Bart Stupak from Michigan. He was stout in his defense of life until he pulled the Neville Chamberlain routine and sold out for a piece of paper from President Obama who promised not to allow federal funding for abortion. With that, opposition crumbled and Obamacare was hoisted onto the nation. 

Obama may hold to his pledge but to him that is immaterial as he will have others pay for abortions. Employers will be required to cover these procedures, usually at no charge, like with the morning after pill. If the employer has a religious objection, then Obama proposes that the insurance company pick up the tab. All of this is being done by force of law, which is regulated by the government. If government chips in on the cost or not misses the big picture. Government will demand that abortions be paid for by someone other than the person seeking the abortion. Once the government has its nose in on this issue, others will follow. 

Regulating insurance companies and products that they must offer is the tool for government to exert its influence over all our lives. For that, we can thank the useful idiot, Bart Stupak.


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