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Islam’s Final Solution

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The cleansing of Christians from Muslim lands.

Christians have long-lived under the thumb of their Muslim overlords. Laws throughout the Muslim world have made it an outright crime to severely restricting one’s ability to practice any religion besides Islam. In certain Muslim nations, one can be put to death for being a practicing Christian. The Arab Spring has not lessened this burden. In fact it has increased under the new overlords, just ask the Copts

As we know from Nazi Germany, the assault on the Jews did not begin with the death camps. It started with thuggery, changes in the law and such. Intimidation turned into ostracization and banning of the Jews from public life. Before you knew it, they were not seen as human and when Hitler had the chance, he moved to wipe them out.   

This process appears to be repeating itself in Muslim lands when it comes to Christians. Laws have been passed to ban Christianity from public life. Intimidation groups have appeared, with churches being burned and Christians being molested in the public square. In courts, a word of a non-muslim is not given the same weight as that of a Muslim. Special taxation laws are set up to punish those who do not convert to Islam. If you are not a Muslim and you live in a Muslim country, you are truly a second-class citizen. 

The de-humanizing campaign is in full swing and has metastasized into the extermination phase. Reports of the killing of Christians for being Christians has become common place whether in Nigeria into the Middle East and the Far East, with deaths usually reported in the dozens if not hundreds. What has been the world reaction to this burgeoning problem? Mostly, a yawn.

Remember the Balkans and the galvanized response to end that genocide? Wonder why the difference?

A totalitarian movement is gearing up just like the Nazi’s of the 1930s. The lack of action to the Nazi threat led to WWII. What will a similarly tepid response lead too, today?

Kristallnacht has nothing on today’s Islamofacist. Hopefully the world will awaken before it is too late.

Countries with Sharia rule.

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  1. Muslim countries aren’t the only ones who are passing laws against Christianity and banning Christianity from the public square.


  2. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 for his secular ways, and for making peace with Israel. Hosni Mubarak, his successor, held them at bay for 30 years. The Arab Spring sprung them back into business. They won the majority in the Egyptian Parliament, and are behind the violence against Coptic Christians in Cairo.
    We allowed the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and ended up with the Ayatollah Khomeini, and now Ahmadinejad. We clamored for democracy in Palestine and ended up with Hamas. Khadaffi’s heirs in Libya are yet to be unveiled. Reports indicate Al Queda may be behind the uprising in Syria.
    The world’s only stabilizing power has pulled out of Iraq, and announced its withdraw from Afghanistan. We’ve decided instead to focus on Asia. If I were a Christian living in the Middle East, I’d be buying lottery tickets. It may be their only hope.


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  4. […] Islam’s Final Solution (obpopulus.wordpress.com) […]


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