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Twisting Oneself into a Pretzel

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2012 at 2:27 pm

2012 Trayvon Martin Case

2012 Trayvon Martin Case (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Many of those who consider themselves of the right, politically speaking, are in a tizzy over the Zimmerman-Martin affair. Because the left has been so hyper-ventilated in attempting to score political points over the issue, the right is taking the bait and responding that George Zimmerman is the victim of a political witch-hunt To me, it is mostly a knee-jerk reaction. George Zimmerman’s problem is that on the night in question, he took on police powers (which he was not authorized to have) and while acting under these supposed powers, tracked a person he thought suspicious. Mr. Zimmerman’s conduct made him the aggressor and when that person ended up dead – Mr. Zimmerman committed a crime. To what degree, the courts will have to sort that out.

The next act in this Les Miserable saga occurred this week, when George Zimmerman’s wife was arrested for perjury. The arrest revolves around her testimony in a bail hearing  in which she stated that the family was indigent and had no money to post bail. Her testimony along with other evidence led to bail being granted at a lower amount. What got her into trouble was her testimony surrounding a legal defense fund and the money in it. She claimed ignorance as to the amount of money (it has been shown that she knew how much money was in the account) and this is what got her in hot water. 

Immediately, the chorus started that the prosecutor has overreached on this issue and that it is not all that important, just a bail hearing, etc. In essence, those rushing to Ms. Zimmerman’s defense are stating that although she deceived the court as to her true knowledge about the account, her deception did not rise to the level of perjury and the prosecution is going after Madame Z to squeeze her husband. 

I have to beg to differ.

Lying in court, no matter what the issue or court proceeding is about, is an affront to our legal system. If left unchecked, the courts would not be able to function properly as nothing entered into evidence would be believable. Legal decisions would be based on nothing but a house of cards. Courts and those that enforce the law must be vigilant in protecting the integrity of our legal system and that includes highly charged legal cases such as the Zimmerman-Martin affair. Look the other way and justice suffers.

Additionally, Ms. Zimmerman’s statements about their financial worth and her less than candid appraisal about the defense fund account may have been part of a larger scheme. We must remember that Mr. Zimmerman only acknowledged having one passport and he turned that in at the bail hearing. However, he actually had two, one was a replacement for a lost passport that he later found. In phone conversations with her husband while he was in jail awaiting the bail hearing (conversations that they both knew were recorded), the two spoke in code about moving money around into different accounts. The money they were talking about was in the defense fund account. If they were on the up and up, why the need to speak in code?

One distinct possibility was the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was reserving upon himself the right to flee the jurisdiction. He had a passport and access to over $100 K thanks to the defense fund. The Zimmermans had access to this money as they saw fit. Was he going to run, can’t say for sure; but it seems as if he was leaving the door open for that possibility; and George Zimmerman was using his wife to help him in this endeavour. 

Do I blame her for helping her husband. No, but spare me “the babe in the woods routine” to quote from the movie Goodfellas. Mrs. Zimmerman lied on the stand in an effort to lower bail so her husband would have access to cash, cash that would be useful in case he had to flee Florida and the United States. That is criminal and for those who feel the prosecutor is being a “meanie” – go pound sand.       



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